Christmas gifts for girlfriend

How to select the Christmas gifts for girlfriend this year? If this is the question in your mind you have come to the right place. I understand selecting a Christmas present for girlfriend can be overwhelming. Questions like what does she need? what would she like? Should I buy something romantic or rather something practical? How much should I spend?  OK don’t be panic, we will be going through what kinds of Christmas gifts for girlfriend you should and should not get for her.


First I want to go through some DON’Ts for Christmas gifts giving or any gifts giving occasions for your girlfriend. This is very important as I have seen a lot of guys making this same mistake. Well the general rule of thumb, don’t get your girlfriend these things as a present:


gift cardsNo gift cards – a big NO NO. You may think that rather than you buy something that she may not like, you could get her a gift card so that she could shop for herself. Practical thinking but never do that because gift cards are easy to get. Girls will considered this gift effortless. Especially for big occasions like Christmas, birthday and anniversary day, which is the time for you to show your girlfriend how much she means to you. Well, unless she is specifically asking for a gift card. Otherwise try to get something else as your Christmas gifts for girlfriend.


makeupsNo make-ups – the thing itself is not a problem but a lot of guys don’t really know what it is. They don’t know what kind of make-ups their girlfriend is using, or what she needs. It could be frustrating if you go with something that you have no ideas of. And it might end up with a gift got never used by your girlfriend. So unless you know exactly what make-ups your girlfriend wants or she is asking for it specifically, it’s better to buy something else as your Christmas gifts for girlfriend, same for other occasions.


Bath & BodyNo Bath & Body – a lot of guys think this works. Things like bath and lotions probably work for your mum or grandma, or school teachers, but for girlfriend this is not the kind of thing you want to get her as a Christmas gift. Unless you have been dating for a long time or she is asking for it specifically.



 So what is right Christmas gifts for girlfriend?


There are plenty of things you could get as Christmas gifts for girlfriend. Here is a brief list of them:



Jewellery is good Christmas gift for girlfriend. But remember to get the high quality ones.



A soft toy Bear

Girls have weird little things with them where they like really cute things. Both Melissa & Doug and Gund has a nice selection of soft bears. A cute bear could be one of the best Christmas gifts for girlfriend.




Ladies are addicted to purses but do make sure you get one that matches with your girlfriend’s style.



Tickets to a concert

If your girlfriend loves music, it would be a great idea to get her a ticket to a concert or take her to a Broadway show. She will love it.


Also you may want to get some flowers to go with your selected Christmas gift.



This is really just a brief list of ideas on Christmas gifts for girlfriend. Really, there are lot more…


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Hope my gift ideas could help you with selecting your Christmas gifts for girlfriend. And wish you and your loved one a Merry Christmas!


Author: Nancy Corb