Christmas gifts for kids

Still looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for kids? With the thousands of toys in the market, choosing an appropriate one can be difficult. Especially when you have to put kids age into consideration. And if you are choosing Christmas gifts for kids who are not part of your daily life, like your nephews and niece, you may find it even harder to pick a right Christmas gift.


To help you with your kids gift selecting, I’m going to put together a list of my top toy selections for this year. A few of the of the toys in my list were actually suggested by my 2 kids, with some good reasons. I sometimes felt that there is nothing they don’t know. lol. Anyway, hope you find the information helpful.


Christmas gifts for kids Ages 0-2 Years Old

For little kids at 0-2 years old, they are sensitive to colours, sounds and movements. So toys that provide visual, auditory simulations would make great gifts for little kids.


Christmas gifts for kids Ages 3-5 Years Old

Kids at these ages are full of imaginations, so pretend toys are good options. Also they start to have ideas on what they like and dislike. For kids who tends to like outdoor activities, outdoor toys like tricycle could be great Christmas gifts too.


Christmas gifts for kids Ages 6-8 Years Old

Kids at this ages are ready to handle more complicated toys. These toys below are some of the best ones I got for my 2 kids (one is 6 and one is 8).


Christmas gifts for kids 9 Years and Up

Kids at this age turns to think and behave like teenagers. So you want to get them some more matured toys. Here are some of the great christmas gifts for kids at 9 years and above on my list.

Author: Nancy Corb